Spiritual Hosting at EmpoweredMoments

There are so many hosting companies out there, why should you buy though Empowered Moments?  For starters, we provide personal, friendly, quality service, something that's been lost since full-service gas stations.  Secondly, we're cheap; we offer cheap hosting for spiritual sites as a service to those who use the web to help others.  Third; we are nonprofit, so what little you pay for your hosting account goes to the Piscean-Aquarian Ministry funds, helping to create our New Thought tracts.

Types of Websites

We accept spiritual websites including, but not limited to: New Thought, Unity, Divine Science, Religious Science, Metaphysical, Churches, New Age, Reiki, healing, alternative medicine, psychic and divination, crystals, angels, A Course in Miracles, spiritual studies, and many more!  We reserve the right to deny websites that we feel are not for the Higher Good.

A host of spiritual websites!

Contact Empowered Moments About Spiritual Hosting

Wondering if what we have is right for you? Wondering if we can do more? Go ahead, ask.

If you have a support question, feel free to email us.  Please be aware that polite, specific and grammatically correct emails are processed before others.  Also, be as specific as possible in your request.

If you're writing because you're ready to order service, please tell us which plan you want. You'll receive an invoice in your email allowing you to pay by credit card.

Contact the Piscean-Aquarian Ministry's "Empowered Moments" spiritual hosting service by email at:

Hosting Help

This letter is included with your spiritual hosting purchase.

To get your web pages online, you will need an FTP program.  We have a free FTP program you can download and use at: http://www.empoweredmoments.org/FTPSurfer.exe

Once you install FTP Surfer, open the program.  Go to Edit-Site Profiles or press "F2".  Click "New Profile."  Enter the following information:

Name: A name for this account.
Address:  The address listed in your welcome email.  It will be a series of numbers and look something like
Description: Leave blank.
Server Type: Leave as "Auto-Detect".
User Profile: Leave as "User Defined".
User Name: Enter the user name specified in the email.
User Password: Enter the password specified in the email.
Explore From: Leave as "Login Folder".

Click OK.

Click on the site name on the left side of FTP surfer.  The system should log you in.  If it does not log in, it will keep retrying, which means either the Address, username, or password is incorrect.  Go back into the edit screen to make sure it is exactly as it shows in this email.  If it still looks right to you, contact us for assistance.

Once you're logged in, double click on "public_html".  You will enter the directory where your web files belong.

Click and drag files from your computer into this folder.  The page "Index.html" will be your homepage.


To set up email accounts and manage your account, you will use cPanel.  To log in, go to:

http://www.YourDomainName.com/2082 (Replace "YourDomainName" with your actual domain name or IP address).

To learn how to use cPanel, get help at http://www.cpanel.net/docs/cpanel/ .  Be aware that just because functions are listed in your control panel does not mean they are included in your hosting plan.  The left side of the cPanel screen will show you how much you are using of your available services. 


Spam is unsolicited bulk email.  We all get spam, it is unavoidable.  Should you use email accounts hosted with us for spamming / phishing / pharming / scamming, we will send flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz movie to your home to confiscate your computer and steal ToTo.  Maybe.  We will definitely terminate your spiritual hosting account with us, and give no refunds.  If you have any questions to what spam is, and whether or not you are breaking this agreement, feel free to ask; we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Empowered Moments is a part of the Piscean-Aquarian Ministry, providing New Thought information to the world.  While we are not yet a 501(3)(c) organization, the funds from this project go to the Ministry's expenses, including producing the "Empowered Moments" New Thought tracts series.  

We hope our spiritual website hosting plan will serve your needs, allowing you to save money and provide for our spiritual needs as well.